Digital Expansion and STEM Backpacks

Project Overview

Project Name: Digital Expansion and STEM Backpacks in partnership with PBS SoCal


The Frieda Berlinski Foundation contributed a grant designated for the purpose of digital expansion to fully cover costs associated with producing a series of eight high-quality how-to videos (four in English and four in Spanish), building out an early learning landing page to host them online, and producing 500 digitally-integrated backpacks for distribution to new partners. 


PBS SoCal curates, distributes, and presents an assortment of branded backpacks filled with at-home resources for parents to engage with their young children around STEM. STEM Backpacks are one of a parent’s first takeaways from PBS SoCal and the engagement work we do, as they are sent home with families who attend an introductory workshop with the station or one of its community partners.

Each backpack includes a packet of resources for parents, activity sheets for kids, a thematic book, and all the materials required for parents to do a hands-on STEM project with their children.

- PBS SoCal

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