About The Frieda Berlinski Foundation

When President Johnson announced the bill that would create the Corporation for Public Broadcasting on November 7, 1967, he began by highlighting the great revolution in communication. Telegraph, radio, television, satellites — all of these advancements in that moment seemed too grand to comprehend. Public broadcasting would be a gift to all Americans — a way to use the new and vast channel for good.

Public broadcasting was and is about the human condition. The goal of public broadcasting is to uplift and to make us all better, smarter, and kinder humans - no matter your means or location. This is what Frieda Berlinski recognized in her lifetime and what we hope to support through contributions the foundation makes in her honor.

The Corporation will assist stations and producers who aim for the best in broadcasting good music, in broadcasting exciting plays, and in broadcasting reports on the whole fascinating range of human activity.”
– President Lyndon B. Johnson

Enriching Public Broadcasting in the 21st Century

In today’s modern world, we have even more ways to communicate and reach the community around us. Public broadcasting uses a wide range of endeavors to carry out the spirit of its earliest mission while facing 21st century challenges and aiming toward 21st century goals.

We are honored to provide funding for programs that support all of these endeavors. The Frieda Berlinski Foundation aims to support long-term enrichment in markets large and small through grants that fund community outreach, content development, special events and programming. With a special emphasis placed on children and early learning initiatives, we find purpose in supporting projects designed to reach marginalized or underserved communities and aiding in the telling of stories related to those communities.

“While we work every day to produce new goods and to create new wealth, we want most of all to enrich man's spirit.”
– President Lyndon B. Johnson

Public Broadcasting Projects

The Frieda Berlinski Foundation strives to serve and educate the community through meaningful donations to four or five public broadcasting programs each year.

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