Enriching Communities through Public Broadcasting

The Frieda Berlinski Foundation strives to serve and educate communities of all sizes by providing funding for quality public broadcasting programs that encourage kinder, smarter individuals and uplift the human condition.

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Our Mission

The Frieda Berlinski Foundation aims to support long-term enrichment in markets large and small through grants funding community outreach, content development, special events and programming.

Recent Funded Projects


Burrell: Advertising Revolution Documentary

Burrell: Advertising Revolution shares the story of an advertising agency that forged the way for young, African American hopefuls in the ad business.

Digital Expansion and STEM Backpacks

PBS SoCal curates, distributes, and presents an assortment of branded backpacks filled with at-home resources for parents to engage with their young children around STEM

Meet Frieda Berlinski

A Life Dedicated to Public Broadcasting

Frieda Berlinski loved public broadcasting and was intent that her legacy would support the programming and inclusive ethos that she valued. A mother, savvy businesswoman, and Holocaust survivor, she created the endowment that continues to enrich the lives of many.

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