About Frieda

Survivor, Businesswoman & Advocate

Frieda Berlinski loved public broadcasting. As an avid viewer of PBS affiliates and small independent public stations in her hometown of Los Angeles, California, she was intent that her legacy would support the programming and inclusive ethos that she valued.

A Holocaust survivor, Frieda was born in Poland and immigrated to Los Angeles with her husband in the early 1950s. Though she was a deeply private person and enjoyed an unassuming life raising two sons, she was also a savvy businesswoman whose real estate investments created the endowment that continues to enrich the lives of many.

During her life, Frieda was devoted to causes that benefited children, women, education and the homeless. The Foundation’s goal is to continue to support the causes dear to Frieda through its funding of public broadcasting.

Public Broadcasting Projects

The Frieda Berlinski Foundation strives to serve and educate the community through meaningful donations to four or five public broadcasting programs each year.

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