Project Overview

Project Name: KCET's "Artbound"
Project Support Years: 2021


The Frieda Berlinski Foundation was honored to provide funding for KCET's in-house production of "Artbound", their multi-platform, Emmy-award winning original program. The grant went towards on-going production costs for their 2021 season.

Project Summary

Artbound is a national leader in multi-platform journalism and has featured the work of over 700 small and mid-sized nonprofit arts organizations, cultural movements, and thousands of individual artists. Exploring themes such as history, identity, technology, race, religion, and their impacts on artistic practices and creative expression, Artbound fills a critical need by not only generating awareness of a wide swath of California artists and their work, but also expanding the cultural knowledge of audiences and community members. Artbound is designed to acknowledge that we are part of a networked, participatory generation where the consumption of the arts and culture is multi-linear – see it, record it, talk about it, and share it via social media.

Media Coverage

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